Bridging the Gap for Transformation Towards Higher Horizons

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Something should be done to bridge the academe and the industry.




BEHIND that DOOR are ESSENTIAL Non-essentials!

BEHIND that DOOR  are ESSENTIAL Non-essentials!

If you’re a “door”, would you be mostly open, or mostly closed?

If somebody would knock, would it be your tendency to open right away, or you will first try to see who’s outside?

If someone would intend to get in, would you welcome, or would you easily be able to think of alibis for you to just choose whom you would allow to enter?

We may not have thought about it, but however we open or close such “door” would always tell a story behind. It puts into picture whatever we’ve had in our past: the negligence which made us weak, the challenges which made us strong … name all those sorts of experiences we’ve been through and “BOOM”, it would surely tell, even without saying a single word why “our door” is easily opened or hardly slammed!

The past experiences which we thought are “non-essential” that’s why we keep it behind that door, are actually very essential. However we would divert into positive all the negatives we’ve had the best way we could, would prove our difference.

Who would think that such “door” would tell of our “uniqueness” as a person? It should actually make us OPEN OUR DOOR to GOD’s INVITATION in our gospel of John 6:51-58 where in v56” Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them.”

This only indicates that God is inviting us to TAKE HIM as a GIFT! Isn’t it such a shame that God has been inviting us, plus, He also has a gift to offer? And the gift that He is giving, will be the same gift that we could use as our same gift to others?

With this, may we realize that we have a very SELF-GIVING GOD and for Him to “remain in us”, we also have to be self-giving like Him.

BEHIND OUR DOOR are reasons woven together to make us serve a purpose today. May we not slam our door to the invitation: allow God not just as our guest, but to LIVE WITHIN US so that we may be blessed in our future. 🙂 sunset

“What’s INSIDE ..matters the most !”

“What’s INSIDE  ..matters the most !”

Candle ka ba?
Bakit? … Kasi you light up my life!

Wow, ang sarap pakinggan!

If there is somebody who lights up our life, we’d naturally feel lucky because heaven could’ve sent an angel to save us from darkness. On the other hand, soooobrang sarap ng pakiramdam if para sa atin ang pick-up line na ‘yan.

Kaya lang, madalas kesa minsan, we tend to just tell such line to others rather than to our own family, nor to people who has been with us for the longest time. The more that it hurts, when we would so touchingly hear it from others, yet, never from anyone within our family, neither from our long-time circle of friends.

We would at times ask ourself “why”? Bakit ang iba, naririnig nila ang bawat magagandang sinasabi natin? … nakikita nilang may ginagawa tayong mabuti? Bakit sila na medyo malayo sa atin, nakikita kung ano ang meron sa puso natin; … pero bakit silang malapit sa atin, di nila nararamdaman na sila ang laman ng puso natin?

Sometimes, we’d just choose the option of “backing-off”. That feeling na “wag na nga lang!”; that thought na “kung ayaw nyo, wag nyo!” It’s easier sliding back, rather than striving to hold-on. Sometimes, we’d lose the determination to stand still for what we have in our heart — because we seem not to hear and see, especially from people we love, how much they appreciate us.
Buti na lang, sa time na sobrang nag-e-“emo” na tayo, there is this Somebody who would suddenly trigger our flame to make us prove the worth of our intentions. Para Syang isang “lighter” na nagsindi sa candle, giving us the opportunity to STARE at it and REFLECT: “this candle, habang nagbibigay liwanag, natutunaw, lumuluha. Kumukurap-kurap ang apoy, nakikipaglaro sa presensya ng hangin: minsan hihina, minsan lalakas — pero dahil matibay at humaba na ang mitsa na nasa kalagitnaan, nagbibigay liwanag pa din sa kung saan ang madilim. Kapag biglang lumalakas ang hangin, nawawala ang apoy, mapapansin mong lumambot ang wax na nakabalot sa kanyang mitsa, pero huminto na sa pagkatunaw, parang pinagpahinga sa pag-iyak. Nag-iwan ng usok at amoy, saka lang naalalang pansinin ang liwanag na dati ay dulot nya. At sa ilang saglit pa, ang lumambot na wax, matigas na ulit, ang matibay na mitsa, handa na ulit magbigay ng liwanag.”

In the depth of such symbolism and with the pain-experience of Jesus in Mark 6:1-6, ganito pala ang ENLIGHTENMENT na gustong sabihin sa atin ni God: “keep your light even when you seem weak and disappointed — it is better, than give up and let your loved-ones curse the darkness. Cry if you must, while trying to bear the pain of not being noticed nor regarded important. What’s inside of you is the thing that matters most – that’s what make you ENDURE! Soon, I’ll make my wind blow to stop you from melting for a while, then that would be the time they would know you’ve been there for them. Trust Me, I know!”

Kung paanong magkakasindi ulit ang candle, at kung paanong its flame persists kahit na lumuluha, is because of what’s inside of it! As long as we ENCOURAGE the PURPOSE of what’s within, while holding on to the promise that God cannot lie, cannot change, cannot fail – guaranteed, we’re responding to God’s Call of totally following Him! – sunset