What to do When You Are Broken

Nakatambay ka ba?
Nakatambay ka ba sa problema na dapat ay dinadaanan mo lang?
Friend, if you sometimes feel so broken, here’s what God wants you to do:
At the end of it all, ‘di mo kailangang tumambay in your brokenness. Your scars will connect with others’ stories if you let your learnings from it FLOW!

On the Rebound…This May Be the Magic!

On the Rebound…This May Be the Magic!

Please read: John 1:29-34

“Non-Champions may know how to persevere,

but you can’t just persevere in all things.

Because in some areas,

the wisest thing to do is to actually GIVE UP.” – Bo Sanchez


May mga pagkakataon na ayaw mo nang magpatalo kasi mukhang “one-man win” na lang palagi ang peg, and you were made to feel insulted mostly — even below the belt.

— mga pagkakataon na minsan ka nang nanahimik dahil inasahan mong may makukunsensya sa hindi mo pakikipag-brasuhan; pero mas lalong naramdaman ng opponent na sya ang “wagi” at ikaw, “asar-talo”!

  At that point na halos naibigay mo na lahat hanggang sa “respect” na lang ang ipinaki-usap mong itira sayo

at pag namamayani na ang galit sa pagkatao mo, LET GO! – Gail Montero


Much is true … “Going through life is just like coursing through a “basketball court”!

There are really instances when it’s more sensible to “give-up and just let go” than to put-up a BAD FIGHT!


When set-backs attack and when we’re on the losing-end, “CATCH BALL- OFF BACKBOARD” MOVE lang ang katapat nyan … REBOUND in short! — but we’ve got to be more cautious with our STRATEGies the next time we’re ready to SPRING BACK!


Minsan, kapag nakaka-stress na, mabuti pang daanin mo na lang sa kanta:

          D               G                  D               G

         Take me to your heart,    Show me where to start …

         C#m               F#m     Bm              A                Em
         Got to believe in magic,  Tell me how two people find each other
         C                     D
         In a world that's full of strangers; . . . 

Pero oo nga noh, at some point, we no longer get to enjoy the  “court of life” kasi, parang “strangers” na halos tayo sa mga kasama natin —  dahil may mga ilang bagay na nakakalimutan na natin:

When was the last time  na tumingin ka sa mga mata ng kasama mo while dribbling the ball to the same direction kasi magka-team kayo?

When was the last time na inintindi mo ang ibig sabihin ng mga galaw nya para alam mo kung kailan nya kailangan ng back-up at support mo?

When was the last time na sinalag mo ang atake ng kalaban para di sya tuluyang masaktan?

When was the last time na ni-recognize mo ang effort nyang mag-assist sayo habang pareho nyong pinagsusumikapang maka-goal?

& when was the last time na may nasabi kang maganda tungkol sa kanya kasi na-appreciate mo ang role na ginagampanan nya sa team nyo?

This was exactly how John the Baptist “teamed-up with Jesus” in today’s gospel. It hasn’t been easy & he really had to take it upon himself to EDIFY Jesus & proclaim that Jesus is the “lamb of God” — because even him, did not know where to start; but his willingness to “understand God’s heart” made him finally persistent in doing God’s will.

Ang i-give up ang hangaring di-matalo kahit na pwedeng maraming masaktan,  

ang  i-let go ang galit sa puso natin  at

ang pagsumikapang i-prove that we have God within us

sa mga kasama natin sa ating “life court” bilang isang team

kahit na to the point na may mga bagay na kailangan nating i-sacrifice

just for the sake of  “putting up a good fight until we finish the game”

— this may be the “magic” which we’ve got to believe-in!  #sunset

Whatever is Right


Have you ever sacrificed your own experience, your own agony, even your own tears for the sake of making people realize that what they are doing is not in accordance to God’s will?

Have you ever conceded your own dignity to be subject to others’ ridicule just because you’re striving for justice to prevail?


To God be the Glory….putting me in tears while I write for this because after pondering on the meaning on the Words of God to me today, I suddenly felt the joy of how He made use of me in a couple of eight months, for me to be able to partake in God’s mission.

It is so amazing how God intends to speak to us and tell us whether what we did was in accordance to His will or not – more so that it is so reassuring to find out through this Gospel for today that God would sometimes partner with us and use our distress for the sake correcting the mistakes of others who has just been so unfair in making their indecision prevail despite the effect of hurting “already agonized people”.                                                                                                                                                                            It is never trouble-free; neither painless battling against powerful people – people who are in their high positions who are so hooked with their supremacy; people who are so just concerned with the fulfillment of their commands, yet are simply rude in getting things done without looking into the “heart” of those who will get “hurt” because they’ve been unmindful of doing things the humane way.

However, if and only if we would have the persistence like Jesus had, we would soon be an agent of positive change —  for the torment that we may strive to overcome today may be the lesson that those authoritative people would have to learn to make them eventually treat people with dignity that is due to them — ALL BECAUSE we never stopped making them realize that they CAN STILL MAKE THEIR BODY A TEMPLE OF GOD BY STARTING TO CORRECT THE MISTAKES THAT THEY HAVE COMMITTED.:)sunsetProfGail