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Keep that SPARK:Moving-Up 2016


Let those Eyes Teach Us.

Children's Rights, Rights of a Child

Let those eyes teach us what we have to learn.

Pls Read God’s Silent Message: MK 8:27-35

“Whoever receives one child such as this in my name, receives me” — Jesus

Have you ever tried looking into the eyes of a child?

I was with many of them for the past five Fridays batch after batch. It awed them when I emphasized that I was in front of them because iCare”! There was joy in their smiles upon discovering that we have Seven Srengths/ Character Traits we, Filipinos are good at: [1]pakikipagkapwa-tao; [2] pagpapahalaga sa pamilya; [3] kagalakan at pagpapatawa; [4] pakikibagay, madaling sumunod, at pagiging malikahain; [5] puspusang pagtatrabaho at kasipagan; [6] pananampalataya at pagiging maka-diyos; & [7] ability to survive – yet, I personally felt unhappy breaking to them the reality that we also have Seven Weaknesses/our common tendencies to do the extremes: [1] extreme personalism; [2] extreme family centeredness; [3] lack of discipline; [4] lack of initiative; [5] colonial mentality; [6] kanya-kanya syndrome; [7] lack of analysis.

There was “something” in their reactions when I illustrated: “7 Strengths minus 7 Weaknesses =0”! Could it really be that we, Filipinos are already of “zero character”?!? I then strive to sustain their innocent positivism by telling them that there’s a lot they can personally do to make themselves ON-GUARD for HOPE.

Happiness unbroken! Their eyes sparkled and laughter echoed upon sharing the PERSONAL MEANING of the SELF-SYMBOL that they have created; proudly posted each on their gallery for presentation and eagerly retrieved it afterwards – assuring me that they will keep it deep within their hearts until they grow more matured.

As I ended last Friday giving such series of Values-Formation Seminar among the pupils in the entire Cabuyao District, God is sending me this very clear message in today’s Gospel:

We may have the authority to facilitate life each time, but there could be              


And as I share this experience with you Brothers & Sisters, may we then challenge ourselves to grab each CHANCE TO SHAPE THE FUTURE with the lessons we could humbly learn from each child. May we be more accommodating to RECEIVE JESUS while we recognize that we are not “the greatest” just because we have the authority to be one – for God wants us to sanctify our initiative to empty ourselves of pride – a way to really influence inspiration by the heart. #sunset

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Let this Prayer Hear the Desert …


“Change my heart, oh God!

There may have been times when I don’t seem to hear

Your silent voice speaking to me.

There may have been times when I don’t seem to listen

to Your silent messages.

Yes, there may have been times when in fact,

I don’t recognize the messenger whom You’ve sent,

to voice out to me Your messages which I don’t hear

because You never even say a word from a distance.


There were episodes in my life when I stumbled, committed mistakes,

allowed myself to give in to temptations…

There were interludes where I gave excuses & justifications

just to save me from my wrong-doings and from my short comings …

Yes, it were during those intervals

when I would point finger to others

and make them the culprits why I had to fall for something.


I could never imagine how permissible I’ve been

in embracing the pressures of self-centeredness…

please make me realize that I am being too proud

… to admit how “unfair” I’ve been to people who care for me

because instead of LISTENing with my hEARt,

I have even caused them pain

since the more I that I’ve been overconfident with my actuations

to indirectly tell them that “I was never wrong”

and that “I didn’t do anything at all!”


Please “change my heart oh God” …

Please make me see Your message in these persons

Whom you are using to CARE FOR ME! “

… this prayer, I have specially composed to be our offering to God as we are given once more the opportunity in this “advent of chance”!

Many times, we never get to hear that VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS like John’s in this Gospel of Luke 3:1-6, “A voice of one crying out in the desert.” (Luke 3:4).

When we take the risk being misinterpreted when we in fact care, we are like this “voice crying out in the desert” – and yes, it’s a real difficult experience when despite that you “love to save one person from messing up”,  the more that you would even get hurt while the more that you are treated as an opponent .

Today, may we take this chance to “allow God to change our hearts by listening to God’s messengers down here” – may we learn to humble ourselves to listen to that “voice in the desert” so that we could make ourselves worthy of the effort which God’s love has exerted! — sunset 

“Shalom!”: the First Aid Choice”

If you say you love someone, as much as possible, you want to “Save the best for last”.  If  there is something to correct in the attitude and way of thinking of the person you love, you will try on many ways to bring out the best from that person.  Even if it would come to the point when you almost suffer every bit of pain because that person opted to just listen to what he thinks is true based on his opinion, yet,  you will still strive to save him/her from further hard luck as consequence of his/her stubborn actions and decisions.

In effect, you would even be so persecuted, much that it would lead to disagreements, conflicts, fighting and the worse, broken relationships: friendship, boy-girl steady, parent-child, husband-wife.  “more often than not”, you would struggle, yet be tempted to just give up your fight of winning their heart because you only get too pained while they would never want to realize & understand your intention of helping them to be healthier in mind.

But because you love that much, just as what  Jesus did in today’s gospel where He suffered much to death, yet on the 3rd day He rose again and did a “sign of peace” to all especially to those who betrayed and denied Him,   you also need to die to the pain brought by  misinterpretations and misunderstandings and extend your humble “Shalom” to the person/s who’ve hurt you so much instead of holding on to grudges.

“Shalom” is our first-aid to rescue and save our relationships before we could eventually open the minds of unwilling hearts. Wounds may be fresh and just as Jesus did in today’s Luke account where He showed his bruised hands and feet to show that He is real, we can also tell the person/s concerned how much they’ve hurt us so that they would realize how much forgiveness we have humbled down for them.

It’s never easy though swallowing your pride when you allow “peace” despite the fact that you were pained just because you want minds of people whom you care for, to be stretched in new directions. Just like what Jesus had to go through after His resurrection when some still did not believe, He had to extend “Shalom” as a sign of compromise until He was eventually able to open the minds of His disciples.

To charge this to our present time &  relationships specially within our families, parents should also strive to fulfil certain three-fold mission:

(1)     no matter how much kids would complain and unfavourably react against the worthy things which we want them to indulge in, we should always strive to find ways so that our children’s minds would eventually be opened to the reality that we are preparing them for the future which they would soon have to manage on their own;

(2)     we have to first learn before our kids can. We should strive to “walk our talk”: as in, if we tell them to be positive, we should also illustrate such positiveness in our words, actions and perceptions;

(3)     we, as parents should commit ourselves to be “at peace” with one another, treating each other as “partners” instead as each other’s competitor while doing things together to fulfil God’s will in our life time.

These missions are ideal – difficult to accomplish in reality because along the way, the opponent may use even your own family to challenge your faith – while they may cause you a lot of silent cries and may bring you to stressful situations which would later on break you down and eventually prompt you to give-in to your human frailties.

However, because you have committed yourself to spread the good news that we can enjoy repentance and forgiveness in every Shalom, your family would soon understand that the sacrifice which you are striving to endure today will be the royalty that they will benefit from specially by the time when we are already called to claim the glory of Eternal Easter which was already won for us by Christ in His Resurrection.

Let every “Shalom” aid us while we BOUNCE to rise up to our indifference in our family and even in any kind of relationship 🙂