Bridging the Gap for Transformation Towards Higher Horizons

Check this out friends, my 1st Semester 2017 Starter.

Something should be done to bridge the academe and the industry.




Let those Eyes Teach Us.

Children's Rights, Rights of a Child

Let those eyes teach us what we have to learn.

Pls Read God’s Silent Message: MK 8:27-35

“Whoever receives one child such as this in my name, receives me” — Jesus

Have you ever tried looking into the eyes of a child?

I was with many of them for the past five Fridays batch after batch. It awed them when I emphasized that I was in front of them because iCare”! There was joy in their smiles upon discovering that we have Seven Srengths/ Character Traits we, Filipinos are good at: [1]pakikipagkapwa-tao; [2] pagpapahalaga sa pamilya; [3] kagalakan at pagpapatawa; [4] pakikibagay, madaling sumunod, at pagiging malikahain; [5] puspusang pagtatrabaho at kasipagan; [6] pananampalataya at pagiging maka-diyos; & [7] ability to survive – yet, I personally felt unhappy breaking to them the reality that we also have Seven Weaknesses/our common tendencies to do the extremes: [1] extreme personalism; [2] extreme family centeredness; [3] lack of discipline; [4] lack of initiative; [5] colonial mentality; [6] kanya-kanya syndrome; [7] lack of analysis.

There was “something” in their reactions when I illustrated: “7 Strengths minus 7 Weaknesses =0”! Could it really be that we, Filipinos are already of “zero character”?!? I then strive to sustain their innocent positivism by telling them that there’s a lot they can personally do to make themselves ON-GUARD for HOPE.

Happiness unbroken! Their eyes sparkled and laughter echoed upon sharing the PERSONAL MEANING of the SELF-SYMBOL that they have created; proudly posted each on their gallery for presentation and eagerly retrieved it afterwards – assuring me that they will keep it deep within their hearts until they grow more matured.

As I ended last Friday giving such series of Values-Formation Seminar among the pupils in the entire Cabuyao District, God is sending me this very clear message in today’s Gospel:

We may have the authority to facilitate life each time, but there could be              


And as I share this experience with you Brothers & Sisters, may we then challenge ourselves to grab each CHANCE TO SHAPE THE FUTURE with the lessons we could humbly learn from each child. May we be more accommodating to RECEIVE JESUS while we recognize that we are not “the greatest” just because we have the authority to be one – for God wants us to sanctify our initiative to empty ourselves of pride – a way to really influence inspiration by the heart. #sunset

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I Cannot Teach Anybody Anything…

I Cannot Teach Anybody Anything...

Have you ever envisioned your VISION?
Have you ever thought of your MISSION?
Did it ever come to you identifying both?

Goals and Objectives … have you had a list of your own?
If you are to teach, can this be something easy to bring to your students’ minds?

“The Art of Teaching” … just what you think is it?
Congratulations for bringing yourself to this world!
Congratulations for venturing to this idea :
“that you want to be a teacher!”

In layman’s mind, it’s never really difficult “to teach”
but if you have to consider “the art of teaching”
here is where a teacher of the 21st Century should make the difference.

And so YOU, yes YOU…
start defining these few details now…
What are your Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives in life?
We can never lead others to discovery
if we cannot discover these answers for our own 🙂

Orientation to the Course Prof Ed 1 & 2

Orientation to the Course Prof Ed 1 & 2

To my dear students of TCP,

We have to save trees! Welcome to our paperless Saturdays for the whole Semester 2013.

Teach yourselves the “hows and technicalities” of downloading and retrieving files from our shared documents.

This is what we’ll have in Education for the 21st Century.

Give it a good try! God bless you in this new endeavour and Goodluck!