God’s promise will be fulfilled in you soon! It may not be just as you expect but just keep on doing the right thing & trust God’s way. 
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“Grab or Drop? … your Choice!”

Somebody says “please”, and you’re too stone-hearted? Somebody says “sorry”, and you’re protected with your anger?

Whatever it is that we eat, that becomes US! Whatever it is that we prepare, that tells where we will go! Whatever it is that we bring with us, that becomes our armor! Whatever chance we’re given today will never be that same opportunity in the days to come!


One day, you’ll be the one to say “sorry” and you’ll be neglected! One day, you’ll be the one to say “please” and you will regret

“that day” when you “pet hate”!  Day will come, even if we will utter “sorry and please” together

to stop something from happening, God will then just  make us realize that :

we should have LISTENED with our heart back then!  we should have used that gift which He offered to us “that day”!  we should have grabbed “that occasion” to enrich “a relationship” which we’re never sure to enjoy “until whenever”!

What we have TODAY is God’s GIFT to us, that’s why it’s called “PRESENT”!  However we use what we’re given at the moment,

will determine whether we will receive more blessings tomorrow!

25“I have told you this while I am with you.

26The Advocate, the Holy Spirit that the Father will send in my name

— will teach you everything and remind you of all that I told you.

It would be very sad, if it would be too late before we’d realize that we should have listened while the correcting-voice which we hated much has already stopped “caring for us”.


Let’s not neglect God’s silent message to us in this gospel: Jn 20:19-23 Or Jn 14:15-16, 23B-26.  When somebody says “please”, don’t be stone-hearted!  When somebody says “sorry”, never be protected with your anger!  If  we gobble up our pride, “a forgiving person” becomes US!  If we prepare “understanding”, “at peace with others” we will go!  If we bring the “gifts of the Holy Spirit” with us, that becomes our armour!  Whatever chance we’re given today will never be that exact opportunity in the days to come!

Let these foods be the Master Key to make us Amazingly Healthy! 🙂 sunset


“I Think the loving person must return to spontaneity

— return to touching each other, to holding each other,

to smiling at each other, to thinking of each other, to caring about each other!

Hugs are good, they feel nice, and if you don’t believe it, try it”

— Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D.

my favorite author

“Return to Spontaneity”

“A loving person must return to spontaneity

— return to touching each other, to holding each other,

to smiling at each other, to thinking of each other,

to caring about each other!

Hugs are good, they feel nice, 

and if you don’t believe it, try it.”

— Leo Buscaglia, my favorite author 🙂


A loving person…

“ His-STORY repeats in Me”


I Made it Through the Rain

They say “history repeats itself”.

If so, would it be okey if stories would just keep on  repeating over and over? 

Would we ever learn from stories which seem to be the same again and again? 

Well for one, i have this story;  I’ll just share it briefly — so just guess  who this character is!

Still remember these lines?:           

We dreamers have our ways

of facing rainy days

and somehow we survive..” 

– this has been her secret theme song from that one night when she had to make one major decision in her life. In the stillness of dawn, while gazing thoughtfully at her sleeping kids, she bravely told herself:  “i’d still be here until my “baby” grows up!”

Just like other cancer-stories which we keep on hearing now and again, those tears of wanting to survive made her breakthrough those pains which were doubled & even tripled when some unkind intentions tried to add to her injury.  Nevertheless, each quiet time with God which were all deep & sincere, gave her the power to look strong & take note, “pretty” even in “not so obvious” synthetic hair.

God never changed!

For three years now, God’s unfailing promise of love made her chase her fears away.

Just like any other story,  survival posts as happy ending. But what I’ve learned: God cannot really change! That impossibility of Elizabeth, giving birth to John despite old-age in today’s gospel in Lk 1:57-66, 80 , is the same miracle that He is trying to perform until this time. “His-story” of love is something we can really hold on to – a story which He allows to be repeated in each of us; an experience which we can share to others to fulfill our vocation of bringing others close to God; and most specially, a story which brings me to realization that God’s LOVE is an assurance that CANCER IS LIMITED!

That song which lingers in the heart: “I’ve Made it Through The Rain”! — is that song which would bring difference in a usually told ordinary story#

What we Prepare will Tell Where We’re Going!

Sometimes life would pose us the question: “Do you know where you’re going to?” – so as the song goes … “Do you get what you’re hoping for, when you look behind you there’s no open doors”…

At the vastness of the “journey” called “Life”, we may at times feel tired, wanting to give up because things are just as vague as we seem not to determine where the road we’re taking would lead us: “yong feeling na parang ang layo layo na ng nilakad mo, pero di mo alam kung saan ka pupunta; at kung ano’ng pwedeng mangyari don sa pupuntahan mo.  And because things are so uncertain, bigla na lang, sasabihin mong “ayaw ko na”. Bigla na lang, you would let your emotions rule over you; at kapag nakagawa ka ng maling decision dahil pinabayaan mong lituhin ka ng emotions mo, sasabihin mong: “sorry, tao lang!”

Reflecting on the Gospel of Mark 14:12-16,22-26 I cant help but admire the two disciples whom Jesus sent when they asked: “Where do you want us to go and prepare for you to eat the Passover?”. Not so sure if they would exactly find the place Jesus has instructed them, they went off, not complaining, not questioning, not wavering in their faith … until they found the place just as Jesus had told them; and there, they prepared for Jesus’ coming.

All because they did not give up on the purpose for which they were sent, the meal with Jesus became possible.  Their efforts were comforted and healed — when as a reward, Jesus offered them a portion of His bread & asked them to drink from His cup.

What a very symbolic gift.

Just the mere presence of our Guest, is already so gratifying. Much more that he shared to a great extent himself with us, not only triples our strength-back after all the preparations we’ve done.

But it’s not just a symbol!

This is more of a reality: What we prepare will tell us where to go.  How much we prepare will tell us what to get!

Today, I hope we will realize that the Holy Body and Blood of Christ which He offered in the Last Supper is a Gift which intends “to make us one with Him”. In body, in blood and in soul, He has been with us. In weakness, He showed us that we are not “tao LANG” – for it is in saying “sorry, tao lang!” that we tend to justify why we usually allow ourselves to fall into sin,  each time we are faced to temptation.

If we will only ponder on this so deeply in our hearts, it is actually our willingness to prepare our “self” which matters most of the time. Much that if the reason for such preparation eventually made Himself available for us, this page would not even be enough to say “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING OUR GUEST! Having you with us made us feel that the door to relationship has been opened and eventually made us realize that you are also inviting us to a Personal Relationship – with You and with God.

“Thank you so much for such invitation as well! We will strive to make ourselves available too! ”–sunset

“It’s all Up to Us! ”

No one is there beside you!

You are all alone!

It makes you sad – really sad!

You cried all by yourself and you’ve gone so tired!

It’s always same old story …

Over and over, you’d somehow find relief with “some relievers”

— ears who listened, hearts who felt!

Yet, it’s always same old story …

That sensation still lingers and the pain intensifies …

— because “relievers” do not promise to be there until you’re HEALED!

In today’s Gospel Luke 24:46-53, Jesus has to finally depart from His disciples. His 40 days of coaching them after His Resurrection has finally concluded; and this time, where He has MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, He is Ascending – He has to finally LEAVE!

If I were one of His disciples, I would naturally feel sad!

Just to imagine that I am given that great responsibility of mending everything without Him?

— times when things would surely become difficult and I would feel all alone because He left?

— times when I wouldn’t know where to find comfort because He’s no longer with me?

Oh, just the thought makes me sick! … and it sucks! – that fear aches! – makes me wanna give up!

But then NO! Here’s the RELIEF:

 49 And (behold) I am sending the promise of my Father upon you;

but stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high.”

Where one’s absence is felt, it really pays to discover that you, yourself  should be the one to fill out that space! That “no choice” feeling where — when you don’t get what you expect, you should be the one to give!

Yes, it’s painful, it’s sad … and might make you feel so sick and tired!

Yet, same old story, it’s always YOUR CHOICE to HEAL your own pain

Just start mending those fearful thoughts,

give yourself that REST that you need and God will surely heal other parts that are painful! 🙂 sunset

seats are just waiting to be taken...

seats are just waiting to be taken…